Hello and welcome to the family 🙂

Whether you’ve been natural all your life, recently big chopped, transitioning or you’re just interested in the natural hair movement, this blog will be a safe haven for you.

Join me on my natural hair journey were I will share with you my ups and my downs, product reviews, hair hacks, tips and techniques and lots more.

Why I went natural?

I decided to go natural because I was inspired by the natural hair movement that was taking place all over the world. I saw so many of my favourite relaxed hair guru’s posting announcement videos everyday, saying they were too ditching the ‘creamy crack’.

At first I tried hard to not become phased by the natural hair community, convincing myself that relaxed hair can be healthy too. After awhile I came to the conclusion that my relaxed hair never really was 100% healthy, no matter what I did. From air drying, to deep conditioning, stretching my relaxer, regular trims, avoiding heat my relaxed hair could never flourish. After alot of self evaluation and growth, I told myself that if God gave me this hair, he knew that it would be well suited to me, so its my responsibility to embrace, love and appreciate the hair that he’s given to me.

How did I go Natural?

Unlike many, I didn’t have a disastrous transition to natural. I transitioned for 15 months, during this period I mainly wore my own hair out in a Braid- Out. This is the style I found easiest to blend the kinky roots with my straight ends. My initial goal was to big chop at the two year mark, but after 15 months I became sick of seeing my raggedy relaxed ends.

The Big Chop!


So after 15 months it was time to say goodbye to my battered braid out. I sat down in front of my bedroom mirror with my trusted hair scissors, eco styler gel and the strength from up above. I went SNIP SNIP oh my gosh SNIP SNIP what am I doing? SNIP SNIP until all my relaxed hair was a distant fragment of the past! I felt RELIEVED, JOYOUS & PROUD.




100% I am.

Trust me I’ve had those moments of thinking, what have I done? Am I still Pretty? What do people think of me? Its okay to feel worried even a bit scared when starting your natural hair journey, but you’ve got to remind yourself that’s exactly what it is ‘ A  Journey’.

Here is a little information about my natural hair!

Porosity: Low

Hair Type: 4. ( including a, b & c)

Density: High

Current Issues: Dandruff





If after reading all of this you decide you want to follow me on my journey

Thank You


Stay Tuned


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