Tip 1: Wash your hair in sections!

I feel like this is one of the most important pieces of advice I can give. Once your natural hair starts to grow a few inches it is very easy for it to become matted and tangled with relaxed hair on wash days. So to avoid this disaster its best to wash your hair in small – medium sections, this will make detangling and managing your tresses so much easier.

Tip 2: Deep Condition Regularly!

Its normal for hair when transitioning to feel very dry and brittle, make sure you incorporate a good deep conditioner into your wash day routine as a way to add back all the moisture lost from shampooing your hair. To get the maximum benefits of deep conditioning, apply heat to your hair using a plastic cap, to ensure the deep condition is penetrates your hair.

Tip 3: Occasionally Co-Wash!

Co- Washing your hair is when you use a conditioner to wash your hair instead of an shampoo. Its beneficial to do a Co- Wash when your scalp isn’t necessarily dirty but your hair is incredibly dry. Co- washes are a great way to add moisture to your hair and aids in the dentangling process. However, I wouldn’t advise you to Co – Wash every wash day because you don’t want a moisture overload! Make sure you use a clarifying shampoo at least one or twice a month, to ensure your scalp is being properly cleaned and that product buildup is being removed from your hair!

Tip 4: Avoid Direct Heat on your hair!

This one is also quite important. During this stage don’t get into the bad habit of blow drying your hair every wash day and or using straighteners, because you don’t want your natural hair to get heat damage! If you go through the stress and strain of transitioning just to discover once you’ve big chopped that your hair is now heat damaged! We want your curls,kinks and coils to be popping.

Tip 5: Finger Dentagle!

The line of demarcation is the line between your natural hair v your relaxed ends, this section is very delicate and fragile. Its not wise to detangle your hair with combs or brushes as its very likely to pull on the line of demarcation, once this happens you’ll practically be ripping out your relaxed ends and the whole point of transitioning is to hold onto those ends until your natural hair becomes a length you feel comfortable with!

Tip 6: Find The Right Protective Style!

Protective styles are supposed to be low manipulation styles used to allow your hair to rest and flourish. These can be braids,  (if not done tightly), twists and wigs etc.. You want to use a protective style that number one, You like! and number two, actually protects your hair! So find a good hair stylist who doesn’t braid you hair so tight, that you haven’t got a migraine for the next two weeks!

Tip 7: Be Healthy inside too!

This might not seem like an obvious tip but many of us forget how important our health is and how much its portrayed on our outside appearances. Your hair is going to be incredibly fragile now that you’ve got your natural hair coming through, give it some TLC from inside the strands by drinking lots of water and having a balanced healthy diet. Trust me your hair will thank you for it!

Tip 8: Sleep with a Silk Bonnet!

At night time we do alot of tossing and turning (well I do anyways) make sure you’ve got your hair protected! bed sheets and pillow case materials often can dry out your hair. Try sleeping with a silk bonnet or pillowcase to ensure your strands stay moisturized during the night! If you can’t afford a silk pillow case (because they are quite expensive), you can use a silk scarf instead, simply wrap your silk scarf around your pillow, rest your head and there you go! Your own DIY Silk pillow case.

Tip 9: Be Gentle!

I know I’ve spoken alot about how fragile your hair will be now, but I’ve got the stress the point further. Its so important that you aren’t rough with your hair for example pulling on it or roughly detangling it because your hair now is more prone to breakage than ever before! So please BE GENTLE!

Tip 10: Have Patience!

I know that transitioning can be frustrating and stressful but don’t give up! Just remember that there’s loads of people all around the world going through the same thing as you right now. It will all be worth it in the end!



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