What’s Hair Porosity?

‘Hair porosity simply refers to your hairs ability to absorb and retain moisture’.

What are the different types?

Image result for hair porosity diagram

Low porosity: These strands find it difficult for moisture to enter the cuticles, however once inside they stay moisturized for quite a little while.

Tips for low porosity hair:

  1. Damp hair with warm water to open up the cuticles before moisturizing with your products.
  2. Use liquid moisturizers as thicker products tend to lay ontop of the hair creating buildup because its not penetrating your strands.
  3. Use the LCO method for moisturizing the hair. (Liquid + Cream + Oil) In that order.

Medium porosity hair: also known as normal hair porosity.  You don’t have difficulty getting moisture in and out of the hair. This hair porosity usually handles styling and coloring well.

High porosity hair: These cuticles have gaps and holes in it, meaning moisture enters very quickly and leaves at the same rate. This can mean your hairstyles don’t last very long as your hair absorbs the water in the atmosphere quickly, ruining your braid out.

Tips for high porosity hair:

  1. Use the LOC method for moisturizing the hair. (Liquid+Oil + Cream) In that order.
  2. Utilize Protein treatments to strength the hair
  3. Don’t manipulate your hair when wet.

How to test your hair porosity?

Image result for hair porosity strand test

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