If you are apart of the natural community then you’ll definitely be aware of the hair typing debate, in case you don’t here is a quick summary on hair types.

Type 1 hair is usually considered as straight hair without any texture.

Type 2 is considered a wavy hair texture.

Type 3 is curly hair and Type 4 is kinky hair.

Within those categories are sub categories such as a,b & c.

For example, within type four hair you have 4a, 4b and 4c.

Image result for different hair types diagram

The majority of the black community posses type four hair, however people usually desire looser curls such as a 3a, 3b or 3c curl patterns. (Which is another story!)

So when one become natural there seems to be this major pressure on figuring out your hair type which I think is very difficult and not always necessary.

The reason why I say its difficult is because, many of us have a variety of different curl patterns throughout our head! For example, at the front of my head I have strands that look like ‘4a’ in the middle I have strands that look like ‘4b’ and then at the back I have tightly coiled strands that look ‘4c’. 

Therefore I just identify my hair as Type 4, I don’t feel the need to go any deeper because my hair isn’t just one texture. So the question is can I take advice from someone with 3B hair or 4C hair?

The answer is you can listen to the advice they give you but its your choice to take it. Personally I tend to read blogs and watch videos of women with 4c hair just because I feel like the 4c hair pattern is the mother of natural hair, so I think to myself If this person can achieve this style or this length and they’ve got 4c hair and my hair is similar to their’s, then I can too!

The reason I say its not always necessary to know your hair type is because you can take advice or styles from someone with a different texture, for example type 3 hair and then adapt it to your own hair texture.

You wouldn’t follow all the steps someone with straight hair does because you know it wouldn’t work for your hair so you I don’t understand how someone with type four hair would be upset when they can’t follow all the steps of someone with a looser curl pattern than their’s.

In addition, if you look in the mirror you can pretty much tell if your type 1, 2, 3 or 4 and I think that’s more than enough information you need about your hair type to grow strong healthy hair.

I think putting more focus into knowing your hair porosity which help your hair journey more.

Check out my previous blog about hair porosity for more information.


Finally, don’t worry or stress about not knowing your hair type and just enjoy your natural hair journey!

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