If you haven’t read part 1, check that out first!

I started to grow out my curl perm which naturally meant I was transitioning to natural, during this time I wore my hair in a low puff everyday. Until my hair became so thick and unmanageable, I decided I wanted a texturiser (yes again!).

So I went to the hair salon and got my hair ‘texturised’, my hair came out dead straight, just like how a relaxer would make it. My hair went from APL, to Neck Length within a few months. ( I think it was really over processed). I would wear my hair everyday in a low ponytail.

My hair wouldn’t grow past my shoulders for a few more years. I was really unhappy with my hair, because I felt it was so unversatile and boring, so I chose to get a pixie cut.

At first, I felt really insecure with my pixie cut, I had never cut my hair that short before ( at this time I was still getting relaxers). Once my hair started to grow a little bit I really really started to love the short style. It was different and it helped me to build alot of confidence in myself.

After a few months, I decided I wanted to grow my hair back so I started a healthy relaxed hair journey. I read blogs, watched YouTube videos all on how to have healthy relaxed hair. There still wasn’t any point in which I thought to go natural. All until I was on YouTube one day and I came across a video by a young woman who explained the health risks of relaxers.

After watching the video I started my transition to natural hair, it wasn’t the only reason I went natural but it did push me into the direction of transitioning. The other factor was, I still couldn’t get my relaxed hair to grow past my shoulders after growing out my pixie cut and I couldn’t stand those scalp burns anymore!

The first few months of transitioning I still straightened my hair because that’s all I knew. After reading a few blogs, I stopped using heat on my hair all together. So I’d wash my hair, deep condition and put it in braids to dry overnight. I transitioned for 15 months before cutting off my relaxed ends.

Now here I am on my natural hair journey.

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Thank you x



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