I’ve noticed recently that a lot of naturals are returning back to the creamy crack. The question is why?

Doing Too much ? 

I think a few naturals decided to relax again because their hair felt like too much work. I hear all the time how difficult and time consuming type 4 hair is. I don’t disagree with this statement however, I do think some naturals are just doing way too much! They have these crazy wash day routines which will have them in the bathroom for hours. I think having a simple hair regime will make doing our hair less time consuming and will help the overall health.

When protective styles fail?

In the natural hair community they put a massive emphasis on the importance of protective styling to reach hair goals, however some of these protective styles can cause real damage if they aren’t done correctly. For example wearing braids that are too tight can thin and weaken your hair strands. So I think a lot of naturals believe their natural hair has to be in a protective style 90% of time and they don’t let their hair breathe causing breakage.

How do I style this?

Quickly going back to protective styles like wigs and braids. If your a natural who wears these styles the majority of the time, it doesn’t give you the time to actually learn how to style your natural hair in a flattering way. That’s why a lot of women are going back to relaxers because they feel like wearing their natural hair out doesn’t suit or compliment them.


I think a lot of naturals ended up being disappointed with their natural hair, they may have had high expectations for the curl pattern and length but once going natural their hair didn’t match their expectations. Leading to a massive disappointment in their hair.

They went natural for the wrong reasons?

A few naturals just went natural because everyone else was doing it, they weren’t mentally prepared for the reality of being natural but because it was the thing to do, they wanted to be like everyone else. Therefore, at their first sign of struggle they jump ship!


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  1. I’ve thought about going back to the creamy crack because my hair is getting on my nerves and I miss certain styles. Lol you can’t believe it but my hair was a lot healthier when permed(contradiction). Let me explain I had more patience with my hair, I went to the stylist frequently, and my hair was trimmed and condition often.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experience, I definitely understand where you’re coming from, at times I can feel frustrated with finding hairstyles too but everything is a learning experience and if you do decide to stick at it I’m sure one day you’ll reach your natural hair goals!


      1. I forgot to inform you that I’m still natural. I’ve been natural for 5 plus years and my hair stretched is past the middle of my back. I just think about a perm sometimes. I’m not going back to it just have had thoughts. I would miss my curls too much


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