Its been three months since I big chopped after transitioning for over a year, at this point in my natural hair journey I can say I am truly now starting to enjoy and play around with new styles.

At first I felt like my hair wasn’t long enough to do certain styles, so I purely stuck to my high puff.

This was cute for awhile but I started to panic about my edges, afraid to loose them. So I started to wear my hair in flat twists at the front and then my high puff up top. However, I got really bored with that too..

I finally came out of my comfort zone this month and started wearing half up half down styles, two puffs and twist outs. I’m starting to realise how versatile natural hair is I don’t know how anyone can get bored of it when you can be a different person everyday lol.

In regards to the products I’m using, at first I was using only As I Am products. Their hydrating lotion, twist cream and leavein. The products worked well for my hair but they weren’t amazing! I didn’t want to become a product junkie or have to spend a lot of money buying different products for them not to work.

So I subscribed to a monthly hair box, were they send you 4-5 full sized natural hair products to try out every month. This has been great for me to try new products without all the hassle of finding them!

So far I keep my hair regiment VERY simple. I wash my hair once a week. I shampoo twice, condition to dentangle , deep condition with heat then air dry with my hair braided. The next day I style my hair while it’s a little damp and keep that style for a week by sleeping on a silk pillow case and my satin scarf.

I only style my hair once a week, so I started to notice a lot of shed hair on my wash days because I wasn’t dentangling my hair throughout the week, so now I’m trying to detangle my hair at least twice a week to reduce the amount of shed hair that comes out during my wash day.

I still have no plans on putting direct heat on my hair yet, in my mind I’ve told myself maybe by December I’ll attempt a blow out to dust my ends but we’ll see.

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